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Logistix.ng is an innovation driven Logistics Company that leverages the internet to provide an unlimited pool of haulage vehicles/trucks to cargo owners all over Nigeria to ship their goods to and from any city in Nigeria. In addition to that, we provide different classes of warehouses and warehouse management solutions to clients to store/consolidate their goods across all states in Nigeria. As a holistic logistics service provider, we also provide expert sourcing and procurement solutions, leveraging our industry wide experience to source and procure best value for our clients so they can focus on their core business.


Haulage Services

Using our online platform provided through the mobile app, website or Whatsapp channel, cargo owners can easily request for any truck of their choice capacity and specification from any location in Nigeria and have one ready to be dispatched within minutes. Truck owners and drivers can conveniently register their trucks for free and get constant deals to fully utilize their vehicles and make a ton of profit.


Through our online platform, shippers can easily request/book for any warehouse of their choice capacity and specification at any location in Nigeria at the best possible rate. Warehouse/storage facility owners as well can conveniently register their warehouses with us and gain full capacity utilization and patronage from our clients all over the country.

Sourcing and Procurement

Companies and organizations can easily send us their procurement needs and we’ll source and connect them to the best suppliers offering best holistic value for net spend through our innovative supplier selection techniques. We source for both direct and indirect materials, across industries, locally, and internationally. Through our world class market intelligence, we are able to proffer optimal strategic sourcing for our clients. Send us a mail through sourcing@logistix.ng

Who are We

Logistix.ng is an indigenous logistics and supply chain service provider founded by experts in logistics and supply chain management technology to offer world class haulage, warehousing and sourcing/procurement solutions for clients across diverse industries for spend-value optimization. Efficiency and effectiveness is the hallmark of our operations as we continually provide our clients with innovative logistics solutions at the lowest possible cost.

our mission

To provide world class logistics solutions at the lowest possible cost to businesses in Africa.


  • To be the number one logistics service provider in Africa in the eyes of our clients, employees and government.

Our core values

What Drives Us ?

Integrity and Honesty

In every of our dealings with all our partners.

Teamwork and Dedication

To meet our partner's needs

Speed and Efficiency

In delivering our services.


and never ending improvement in our standard of operation


and world class orientation